meliflex TPE and TPO

Medical elastomer (TPE) and polymer+ (TPO) compounds

meliflex is specialty olefin based elastomer (TPE/TPO) and polymer compound materials specifically targeted for healthcare such as pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices.

meliflex is offered in a broad range of grades which varies in heat resistance, toughness, and flexibility. It is available for both rigid and soft applications requiring shore durometer hardness ranging from 20A to 70D.

meliflex features excellent optical properties, is kink resistant, and achieve resilience and impact properties at low temperatures.

meliflex is available for steam sterilization at 121°C, EtO and beta/gamma radiation without loss of its physical characteristics.

In view of the unique requirements of the medical packaging and device industry, meliflex specialty polyolefins are often customized to meet individual customer and/or application requirements.