MELITEK launches new meliflex tubing grades


New meliflex tubing materials offer enhanced properties and improved costs and are produced according to our medical service concept.

At MELITEK, we are proud to introduce new enhanced meliflex materials for medical tubing that continue to build on our successful M6604 and M6608 types that has been in the market some years already.

The new enhanced types feature:

  • Enhanced properties for accuracy in drug flow/dosing
  • Enhanced bonding / gluing
  • Improved costs

The new enhanced types are currently available in shore hardness 72A, 78A and 85A – additional types can be made on request. 

The new grades still feature the same well-recognized properties as the current types in regard to: 

  • Plasticizer free (phthalate free and oil free)
  • Excellent chemical resistance for superior drug compatibility
  • Excellent processing
  • Low density for improved yields vs. PVC and TPU
  • Excellent kink resistance
  • Excellent clarity
  • Sterilizable by EtO, E-beam, gamma radiation and steam at 121° C
  • Medical compliance to ISO 10993, USP 87, 88, 661
  • Latex free, BPA free and does not contain animal based additives

The new tubing grades are part of our meliflex range that is dedicated materials for healthcare applications and is produced according to our medical service concept yielding full lot traceability for 13 years, change control management and medical certification. 

Please be advised that our current materials for tubing applications remains in our portfolio and the new types are supplement to existing grades.