MELITEK contributes to life-saving project

A unique cooperation between industry and healthcare sector

At present, there are no PVC-free blood bags for red blood cells on the market. However, blood bags made from DEHP-plasticized PVC (polyvinylchloride) are estimated to both have a negative impact on human health and the natural environment.

One aim of the PVC-free blood bag project is to demonstrate that it is possible to produce a PVC-free bag that fulfills a requirements specification, including CE labeling. 

Why new bags?

Blood bags that are 30 - 40 % DEHP are used in healthcare throughout the world even though DEHP is classified as a reproductive toxin and is forbidden in toys.

The latest directive regarding medical devices emphasizes the importance of labeling devices that contain DEHP and evaluating the risks of using DEHP in devices for sensitive groups. Demanding a PVC-free bag entails avoiding risks with other plasticizers as well as the global environmental problems caused by PVC.

  • The PVCfreeBloodBag project is funded by the EU's Life+ programme
  • Also the companies Wipak Oy, Primo Profile and Haemotronic SpA participates in the project
  • The project is driven by the Jegrelius Institute for Applied Green Chemestry, Regional Council of Jämtland in Sweden
  • Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, is responsible for evaluating the bag
  • Please visit the project´s website  http://www.pvcfreebloodbag.eu/