APAO products

MELITEK offer and distribute APAO products from REXtac, USA.

Amorphous PolyAlpha Olefins (APAO)

REXtac offers a line of amorphous polyolefin products that are unmatched in the industry.

REXtac® APAO polymers combine the unique characteristics of amorphous and low molecular weight properties with the easy processing of a polyolefin.

REXtac APAO is produced with REXtac, LLC's proprietary catalyst and patented Liquid Pool production process, which provides the customers the broadest range of physical and performance properties available in a polymer.

Available as homopolymers or as ethylene or butene based copolymers of propylene, REXtac offers customers a complete list of products with unique balance of physical properties; such as open times for critical lamination applications - needle penetration for various roofing mixtures or softening points critical for hot melt adhesive products.

The unique technology allows REXtac to control viscosities in the reactor to give the customer the best performing product for its application. The REXtac line of propylene homopolymers and copolymers of propylene with either butene or ethylene is always expanding to meet the changing demands of competitive industry. Products can be modified down steam to meet specific customer requirements.

European Distributor 

MELITEK is pleased to represent and distribute APAO products from REXtac and to service European customers either with direct supply from USA or via supply from our warehouses in Europe.