MELITEK start-up new production line


On September 14th, MELITEK will be celebrating the finishing of its expansion project and the start-up of a new production line.

During the last year, MELITEK have expanded its plant with new buildings for additional production area and an extra warehouse. “The expansion has proceeded according to plan and budget and the new production line is installed and ready for start-up in October 2014,” says Kim Laursen, Managing Director.

MELITEK has invested in a state-of-the-art high capacity production line with the most advanced and modern equipment for polymer and elastomer compounds. “The new line is in essence a true duplicate of our current line with same brands and sizing making it redundant to our current large medical line. It will however have many new features making production even more efficient and safe so indeed we are looking forward to take it into use,” continues Kim Laursen.

MELITEK is experiencing increased sale from existing customers as well as from new customers and the growth is both on meliflex  elastomer for PVC-replacement and on modified polymer plus systems. 

Due to the extra capacity, the additional production line will ensure even higher flexibility and security of supply which is especially important for customers within the medical industry. At MELITEK, we expect that the turnover, due to the additional production line, will double within the next 5 years.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new production facility and production line will take place on September 14th and will be celebrated by MELITEK staff and families.