MELITEK continues our green commitment


MELITEK commits to source wind power by Renewable Energy Certificate.

MELITEK announces to renew agreement of green energy via Renewable Energy Certificate System (RECS) for 2021. The agreement is entered with SEAS-NVE.

“MELITEK is proud to continue our commitment to support the transition to renewable energy and wish to take an active role in reducing CO2-emission”, says Kim Laursen, managing director of MELITEK. “By signing the 100% green energy RECS agreement, we confirm our commitment to SEAS-NVE the vital switch to zero emission energy”.

According to SEAS-NVE, MELITEK’s new 2021 Renewable Energy Certificate equals a total CO saving of more than 1.000 ton CO2 annually.

2020 was a record year in tons manufactured by MELITEK and the outlook for 2021 predict further growth.

“As our energy consumptions increase, as a result of our growth, it is essential for us to use renewable energy”, states Kim Laursen. 

“We always strive to introduce most sustainable plastic types, materials that are easy recycled and that are suitable alternative to polymers with poor eco-profile such as PVC, TPU and engineering resins. Therefore, it feels only right to secure that our consumed energy is green and renewable.”, concludes Kim Laursen.