Happy holidays from MELITEK

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a brighter 2023 from your MELITEK team.

Dear friends of MELITEK

A very challenging year is coming to an end that have put many strains on people lives, businesses, the world economy, and even the peace that we have taken for granted in Europe is under attack in the year of post-covid. The crises have however brought Europe together, brought manufacturing back to Europe and accelerated the transition to more sustainable energy production. The focus on sustainability in broader context have become priority for people, companies and governments, bringing hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

In MELITEK we are proud, despite the many challenges in 2022, to have managed to meet all our valued customers requirements and we have been fortunate to welcome the trust from new customers too. All thanks to our dedicated, agile, and hardworking team, we have continued our growth.

So it is with pride, great humbleness, and gratitude, we like to wish all our amazing customers, supportive partners and trusted suppliers a very Merry Christmas and wishes for a brighter 2023.



Kim Laursen | Jesper Laursen

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