Impact on environment

meliflex XP offers an environmentally sound replacement for materials such as flexible PVC, Polyurethane and latex.

meliflex compound


100 % carbon-based

meliflex XP is a pure polyolefin which does not contain halogen and phthalates plasticizers (e.g. DEHP), and because meliflex is 100% carbon-based it only generates carbon dioxide and water during incineration.

An additional advantage is the fact that incineration can be conducted at lower temperatures and without the adding of chemical stabilizers. This means there are cost savings compared with for example the disposal of polyvinylchloride.

meliflex is environmentally sound for two further reasons;

Firstly, due to its lower density (typically <0,9 g/cm3), it offers a significant reduction in material consumption and thus waste quantities (30% reduction compared with PVC).

Secondly, because of its excellent physical properties it has the ability to reduce material thickness in packaging applications.