CPHI / Innopack Europe 2018

8 - 10 October 2018

At CPHI / Innopack Europe 2018, held in Madrid, Spain on October 9-11, MELITEK sales team will showcase our newest meliflex ranges dedicated to healthcare.

XP  | polyolefin compounds

meliflex XP  are unique flexible polyolefin based compounds specially designed for PVC-free and DEHP-free solutions based on >25 years experience. 

NEWS: Introduction of new cost efficient product range for tube and film extrusions and moulding applications.

XC  | customized polymer+ compounds

meliflex XC  are customized polymer+ compounds offering enhanced functionality for added value and performance. 

Polymer+ customized materials creating added value on colour, laser marking and welding, low slip, low antistatic, antimicrobial, UV protection and radiation resistant.

NEWS: Novel PP compound for ABS replacement offering low scratch resistance, printability, good impact, high stiffness and good gloss.

Now also available for PC/ABS, COPE, PA in addition to PE, PP, COC, TPE, TPV.

XR  | elastomer compounds

meliflex XR are soft TPE compounds specially designed for rubber like properties, offering easy processing and allowing freedom in product design.

NEWS: New range of soft TPE for stopper compounds enhanced for elevated sterilization temperatures and compounding.

meliflex materials are dedicated to medical market and are designed and produced according to our healthcare service concept to ensure sustainable supply, high purity for safe use and full documentation for 13 years traceability.

If you wish to book a meeting in advance with one of the sales representatives of the MELITEK team, please use the contact box below.

We look forward to meet you at our stand 2D10!

MELITEK co-exhibit with Haemotronic!